He Was Talking To Me - Reflections Of A Cracked Pot
Today, I hope you enjoy this short story of reflection and pray you hear His voice within.  Thanks for sharing my day!

He Was Talking To Me

I sat at the golden gates of heaven, alone and afraid. The gates were closed. Could I not get in? Then an angel appeared and sat down beside me.

"Where is God," I asked tearfully. "I have been calling and calling for him. Why has he not heard me?"

"He's here," the angel said softly. "But are you ready to meet Him?"

"Of course," I said, a bit indignant. "I'm a faithful, loving Christian. I go to church every Sunday."

The angel nodded in agreement. "But have you heard Him calling you?"     

"God calling me?” I asked. “God has never called me." 

“What about when God asked you to be a friend to the friendless?" the angel asked. "Do you remember a young lady you met on the street, lost and alone, asking for directions? She needed a friend that day, just a few kind words. Did you hear God calling you to acknowledge her, not to ignore her?"

"I didn't realize he was talking to me," I said.

"And what about feeding the hungry?" the angel continued. "Did you hear God calling when your pastor asked for people to donate food or time so the hungry in your community could be fed?"

"I didn't realize he was talking to me," I said again.

"Did you help those less fortunate?" the angel asked. "A family in your town lost everything in a fire. Did you hear God calling you to help when they asked for donations?"

"I didn't realize he was talking to me," I said, an ache building in my heart.

"And what about sharing the Glory of God's word?" the angel asked.  "A young man came to you, asking for advice. Did you hear God calling you to comfort him with the certainty that the Almighty loves and cares about him? Did you pray for him?"

I hung my head. "I didn't realize he was talking to me."

A glorious figure walked by on the golden path in front of me. The angel turned and bowed in front of him and I knew in an instant that it was the Lord, my God. My heart fluttered and anticipation replaced the ache inside me. But He walked on by.

"My God," I called. "Have you forgotten me? I have been here so long, crying and alone. I need you! I have been calling and calling for you. Did you not hear me?"

"Oh," God replied. "I didn't realize you were talking to me."

….“Today, if you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.” Hebrews 4:7

4/13/2012 00:39:04

Good post! We should pay more attention to the opportunities around us to serve. This is a good reminder that He is reaching out to us every day, to help others. :)

C.K. Volnek
4/13/2012 01:10:47

Thanks Vicki! Appreciate your thoughts.


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